How To Put A Subordinate In Place

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How To Put A Subordinate In Place
How To Put A Subordinate In Place
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The problem of relations with subordinates is usually faced by those who first received a team under their leadership. If you are much younger than your employees and do not have the same work experience as they do, but your education allows you to make you a leader, then you cannot avoid problems with the team. Surely, many of your subordinates will simply try to "sit on your neck" and this will manifest itself in frequent delays or ignorance of their direct duties. You need to put such subordinates in their place.

How to put a subordinate in place
How to put a subordinate in place


Step 1

Never raise your voice using your higher position. For this, the administrative resource that you possess will be quite enough for you.

Step 2

First of all, define job responsibilities for each member of your team, approve them by order, print and familiarize everyone with signature. Issue an order according to which employees are assigned to perform official duties for those members of the team who are absent due to illness or other valid reason. Those who abuse sick leave will now let their colleagues down, who will do the work for them, by their absence.

Step 3

Set the time for which it is allowed to be late for work, taking into account unforeseen circumstances, let it be 10 - 20 minutes. Delays beyond this time must be accompanied by an explanatory note. If there are frequent delays with vague explanations, you will have every right to be reprimanded and reduced or deprived of material incentives.

Step 4

If your organization does not record the arrival and departure of employees on a magnetic card, then start a time sheet in your department for the arrival and departure of employees and periodically check it for control.

Step 5

In the event that subordinates are asked to leave work, record all cases by means of statements or service notes. They may not appear anywhere, but serve as an excuse for you to reduce your premium in the event that it is clearly abused.

Step 6

In order to shift the responsibility for the employee's neglect of their duties to the entire team, it makes sense to hold weekly or monthly planning meetings. They will analyze the work performed, assign responsibilities and draw up a plan for the next period. In the event that someone neglects their duties, this will be noticeable to the entire team, and public condemnation acts, at times, much stronger than the reprimand of the boss.

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