How To Put The Boss In Place

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How To Put The Boss In Place
How To Put The Boss In Place
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The bosses are different: literate and stupid, good-natured and evil, wise and not so. And it happens that there are those who think that their position allows them to humiliate their subordinates. Do not panic if your boss is of this type of leaders, you just need to behave correctly, not forgetting about your interests.

How to put the boss in place
How to put the boss in place

Best Behavior

The best behavior is to let the boss speak before answering. Wait for the moment when she will be able to perceive the lice words. Then you can admit the mistake you made and promise not to repeat it again. After that, it should be noted that the boss's tone is too harsh, which has no basis. It is best if this conversation takes place in private. Do not put ultimatums and conditions under any circumstances - the management cannot stand it. Just politely but firmly ask your boss to tone down. Undoubtedly, there is a risk that you will be fired after this, but most managers respect employees who openly and honestly express their opinions in the correct correct form, while not affecting the pride of management.

Offensive behaviour

Often, leaders do not stop at only harsh statements, then passive-derogatory behavior is used. It can be offensive jokes, irony, dismissive or contemptuous tone, etc. All this is a polite attempt to humiliate.

In such cases, it is absolutely impossible to remain indifferent and pretend that nothing is happening. Otherwise, this behavior of the boss will quickly become a habit, in addition, the same style of communication with you may be adopted by your colleagues. The best thing to do is tell your boss directly that this attitude doesn't suit you and ask them to explain what it all means. This will give you the opportunity to put your boss in her place, to force her to treat you as an equal. Remember to speak confidently and correctly.

Types of bosses

The classic type of "mother-director" - she is an authoritative leader, she is loved and respected, but when she is in anger, stay away from her. At such a moment, the best thing to do is to hide in the office for a while and plunge headlong into work. After a while, the boss will cool down and everything will be forgotten.

Much more dangerous than a tyrant boss. They humiliate subordinates for their own pleasure, doing it quite deliberately. Here already it will not be possible to sit out. The ideal employee for such a leader is a slave whose knees should shake at the sight of her. Often times, these managers start to intimidate potential employees during the interview. And if you decide to get a job in such a company, then be prepared to rebuff your boss.

The most important thing you need to do is not to be afraid. Such bosses try to put subordinates in an alarming dependence. Don't give in and keep all verbal skirmishes to a minimum. Build a fictional impenetrable wall in front of you and you will be amazed at how indifferent your leader will become to you. But her behavior will change dramatically, she will become polite and begin to respect you.

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