How To Complete The Briefing Journal

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How To Complete The Briefing Journal
How To Complete The Briefing Journal

Video: How To Complete The Briefing Journal

Video: How To Complete The Briefing Journal
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The briefing log is present in almost all large enterprises that care about their own safety and the safety of employees. All employees of the enterprise must sign for it after all the necessary safety instructions have been transferred to them.

How to complete the briefing journal
How to complete the briefing journal


Step 1

Purchase a ready-made magazine for registering a safety briefing or create your own from the available samples. On the cover, you must indicate the name of the enterprise or its division, as well as the period of validity of the document. In addition, the signature of the supervisor is required in the appropriate place.

Step 2

Create a table for each page with columns such as "Number", "Name of instructed", "Date" and "Signature". At the bottom of the page, place a line to indicate the current date and be signed by the briefing manager or the entire facility. Number each page.

Step 3

Do not include the instructions themselves in the safety journal. A specially authorized person should be responsible for them. You can place the prescriptions on a special stand so that all employees of the institution have access to them.

Step 4

Discuss with management and schedule the frequency of briefings, then fix this in a local regulation and inform all employees. On the appointed day, conduct an oral briefing of the employees, after which, if there are no questions, each of them must leave a signature in the appropriate column.

Step 5

Place the journal in the designated storage location or in the archive if the document is completely full and a new copy will be created in the future. The storage location should be lockable and exclude access by all unauthorized persons, including employees who have left their signatures.

Step 6

Ensure that employees comply with the safety requirements that they were familiar with during the briefing. The institution should establish demarcated responsibilities in accordance with the document, as well as internal sanctions for non-compliance with these requirements. In case of violation of certain labor standards, the employee, and not the employer, will bear administrative responsibility.

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