How To Complete The Workplace Briefing Journal

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How To Complete The Workplace Briefing Journal
How To Complete The Workplace Briefing Journal

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By signing the safety briefing log, the employee shifts responsibility for his actions from the manager to himself. That is why every manager is obliged to monitor the availability of such a magazine and the correctness of its filling.

How to complete a workplace briefing journal
How to complete a workplace briefing journal


Step 1

Purchase a ready-made safety briefing log or make a sample of the finished one. Its cover should indicate in which division of which enterprise or institution it is stored, as well as the period during which it operates. In some cases, the signature of the manager is also required on the first page.

Step 2

Make sure there is a table on each page of the journal that contains the following columns:

- number;

- surname, name, patronymic of the instructed;

- date;

- signature.

At the bottom of the page there is one line for the instructor's signature and the date of the briefing. All pages must be numbered. The font should be large and well readable.

Step 3

Do not include safety instructions in the magazine. They must be available to the person responsible for safety, and must also be placed on well-visible stands so that anyone can familiarize themselves with them at any time.

Step 4

Store the magazine in a locker, drawer, or safe between uses. Be sure to observe the following sequence: first, conduct the briefing, sign at the bottom of the page yourself, then, if necessary, ask the instructed questions, and only then let them sign in the magazine. Never let anyone in the magazine sign for who has not actually been instructed. Persons who have not signed in the journal, do not allow any interaction with any traumatic objects available in the institution or at the enterprise.

Only those persons who have been entrusted with this work by the person responsible for safety precautions are allowed to conduct the briefing.

Step 5

If the instructed person is authorized to use only certain equipment, do not allow them to work with any other equipment in the institution or facility.

Step 6

Find out the frequency of the briefing. Carry out it at least as often as set.

Step 7

Use the next page of the journal to collect signatures from staff after each new briefing.

Step 8

When the journal is full or expires, place it in the archive, and start a new one instead.

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