How To Find A Job For A Foreigner

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How To Find A Job For A Foreigner
How To Find A Job For A Foreigner

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Recently, an increasing number of foreign nationals have been coming to Russia to work. As a rule, they are representatives of neighboring states, whose economies are even worse than ours, but there are also pleasant exceptions - highly qualified specialists who are attracted by the culture and identity of our country. How to correctly draw up documents and work permits for stateless migrants of the Russian Federation, you will learn from this article.

How to find a job for a foreigner
How to find a job for a foreigner


  • Visa (if necessary),
  • migration card,
  • work permit.


Step 1

So, you are a foreign citizen and want to work in Russia. First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the amendments to the federal law "On the legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation", adopted in January 2007. The changes primarily concern persons who have come from states that have entered into an agreement with Russia on a mutual visa-free space. These are citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, etc. - they do not need to obtain a visa in order to stay on the territory of our state.

Step 2

When entering the territory of Russia, all foreigners must follow the rules of stay in our country. When crossing the border of the Russian Federation, you will need to obtain and fill out a migration card. In the future, there will be an entry mark in it. In addition, as an entering foreign citizen, you will need to have a visa on hand, which will clearly state the duration of your legal stay in Russia.

Step 3

The main condition for the stay of foreigners on the territory of the Russian Federation is their registration with the migration service. Within three days, you will definitely need to go there. The situation is a little easier if you are a citizen of Ukraine. In this case, you can stay in Russia for 90 days without registration.

Step 4

If you want to come to the Russian Federation to work and earn money, then your future bosses will have to issue a permit to use your labor as a foreign citizen. In return, you will have to carry your work permit with you at all times.

Step 5

If you come to Russia in a manner that does not require a visa, you can obtain a work permit from the FMS on the basis of a relevant application. Remember that due to the new rules for attracting foreigners, the employer may hire you to work without a visa and work permit. But your potential leader is obliged to notify the authorities of the migration service or the employment service about this.

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