How To Approve Documents

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How To Approve Documents
How To Approve Documents

Video: How To Approve Documents

Video: How To Approve Documents
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Almost every administrative document within the organization must be approved by its head. This means that the document must be signed and approved. In some cases, printing may also be required. Without a visa for the first person of the organization, such a document has no legal force.

How to approve documents
How to approve documents


  • - fountain pen;
  • - printing (not in all cases);
  • - the approved document.


Step 1

Ideally, the manager should read, or at least skim through each such document.

Of course, in practice they can be quite voluminous, and the boss, especially in a large company, simply does not have time for thoughtful reading.

However, it is safer to familiarize yourself with each paper: who knows what the employees have slipped in.

In large companies, however, it is often sufficient to have the signatures of lower-ranking officials. Although not excluded and options when they all signed the document without looking.

Step 2

The typical form of many corporate documents automatically assumes a place for the first person visa at the top of the first page - the text "Approve" and a place for the date and signature.

In this case, it is enough to sign, if necessary, decipher the signature and put, if required, a seal.

Step 3

If the form is different, it is advisable to write "I approve" by hand, date and sign.

But in practice, the first person of the organization is often limited only by the date and signature (its presence implies that the document has been approved), or even only by his own autograph.

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