How To Find A Job After Maternity Leave

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How To Find A Job After Maternity Leave
How To Find A Job After Maternity Leave

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Finding a job can be difficult after 2-3 years on parental leave. Many employers are wary of young mothers, expecting constant sick leave and lack of motivation. On the other hand, after such a long break, it is difficult for mommy herself to integrate into the working atmosphere.

How to find a job after maternity leave
How to find a job after maternity leave


Step 1

Try to keep your qualifications. While at home with your baby, do not forget to be interested in new products in your professional field. Thanks to the Internet, today every mom has the opportunity to communicate with colleagues in online communities, to keep abreast of the latest changes. Read specialized literature, subscribe to a specialized magazine. A few months before the expected start of work, you can take refresher courses. Also, try not to lose the connections you have developed, even elementary congratulations by e-mail will help remind you of your existence.

Step 2

When interviewing a potential employer, you should not hide your marital status and the presence of a child. If it is possible to leave the baby with a grandmother or nanny, be sure to inform the host about this. In this case, the risk that you will be on sick leave for 2 weeks a month is significantly reduced.

Step 3

Show your correct attitude. Focus the attention of the future boss on the fact that you now have additional incentive. And a couple of years at home only increased the desire to achieve unprecedented career heights. The main thing is that you yourself are convinced of this. Of course, separation from a child is not easy for every woman. It is better to spend the first year and a half at home, next to your baby. But the two-year-old will already quite calmly endure the separation from her mother during the working day. The main thing is your confidence and peace of mind, which will definitely be passed on to your child.

Step 4

Remember, they are greeted by their clothes. A woman housewife often loses her incentive to look good. Sometimes the excess weight gained during pregnancy stubbornly does not want to disappear. Pay attention to yourself. Try to find time to visit the fitness club or to study at home. This will not only help you find the desired shape, but also improve your well-being. During exercise, oxygenated blood rushes to the brain, which stimulates vigorous intellectual activity.

Also do an audit of your wardrobe. Surely during the maternity leave, it has accumulated a lot of sportswear, jeans and T-shirts. Try to pick up at least 2-3 working images that are necessary for the first time. Remember how to walk in heels.

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