How To Return A Monitor To The Store

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How To Return A Monitor To The Store
How To Return A Monitor To The Store

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In some cases, under Russian law, goods can be returned to the store. Their own rules are established for technically complex equipment for home use, including computer monitors.

How to return a monitor to the store
How to return a monitor to the store


Step 1

Find out if you have the right to return the monitor. According to Russian law, you can take most of the goods back to the store, even if you simply don't like them, within fourteen days after purchase. However, monitors, as well as other components of a computer, for which a technical passport is issued, cannot be returned.

Step 2

If you find a technical malfunction, contact the warranty service center. There they will help you if the warranty period has not yet expired. If they find that the malfunction cannot be corrected, contact the store where you bought the monitor. The same must be done if, after the purchase, you find a cosmetic defect, for example, a scratch on the case or a chip. If these damages were not described in the purchase documents, you have the right to file a claim with the store.

Step 3

Talk to your dealer about returning equipment. Show him your receipt and warranty card and state the essence of your claims. If he refuses to consider returning money to you or replacing goods, ask to invite a manager. It is possible that he will be more friendly to the client.

Step 4

If even the store management refuses to accept the sold monitor back, contact your local consumer protection service. There you can be provided with legal support, for example, for filing a lawsuit against entrepreneurs. However, keep in mind that in the event of a legal proceeding, you will most likely have to pay for the examination of the purchased goods out of your pocket. This money will be reimbursed to you only if the store loses the case in court.

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