How To Properly Legalize The State

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How To Properly Legalize The State
How To Properly Legalize The State

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In regulatory sources, the legal registration of the financial condition is mentioned in cases of registration of inheritance rights, divorces, registration of custody of children, etc. The tool and basis for registering the state is the preparation of an inventory of property.

How to properly legalize the state
How to properly legalize the state

Property inventory as a document reflecting financial condition

The main purpose of compiling an inventory of property is to protect the owner's rights in the event of unforeseen or tragic circumstances, as well as to protect inheritance rights in the event of an inheritance. The property inventory is compiled by a notary in accordance with specially developed guidelines. The inventory is made with the participation of interested persons who wished to attend, and also if there are at least two disinterested witnesses.

The inventory must contain the following data:

- personal data of the participating notary, namely last name, first name, patronymic, date and number of the document confirming the appointment to the position of a notary, and the name of the issuing state authority;

- the date of receipt of the application for the need to draw up an inventory;

- date of the inventory;

- information and persons participating in the inventory - about interested participants and witnesses;

- personal data of the owner of the property;

- the reason for the registration of the inventory;

- reflection of the fact of the presence or absence of sealing of property before the arrival of the notary to draw up an inventory;

- a detailed description of the property.

Features of registration of the inventory of property

The description of each item should be very detailed. It includes size, weight, color, grade, brand, year of issue, for the description of banknotes - face value and value at the exchange rate. The cost of each item is also indicated, taking into account the percentage of wear. The cost is determined with the agreement of the participants in the inventory, it is envisaged to involve evaluation specialists In addition to movable, immovable property, valuable, household and economic items, personal belongings and household items, items of creative and professional activity, the concept of property also includes securities, financial assets, shares in authorized capital, agreements on transactions, etc.

If the process of drawing up an inventory is interrupted, the premises with the property must each time be sealed and sealed with the reflection of these data in the inventory act. To identify each item of property, labeling lists or inventory numbers are used. The inventory act is drawn up in at least three copies. All copies are signed by notaries, interested parties and witnesses.

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