How To Pay A Traffic Fine Via The Internet

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How To Pay A Traffic Fine Via The Internet
How To Pay A Traffic Fine Via The Internet

Video: How To Pay A Traffic Fine Via The Internet

Video: How To Pay A Traffic Fine Via The Internet
Video: How to Check and Pay UAE Traffic Fines Online 2023, September

With the development of electronic payment systems, the service of paying traffic fines via the Internet has become available to the population. Now you don't have to go to a bank branch and stand in queues or even look for the nearest terminal, because the necessary operation can be performed without getting up from the computer.

How to pay a traffic fine via the Internet
How to pay a traffic fine via the Internet


Step 1

To pay the traffic police fine via the Internet, you need to have either a bank account with access to it online, or an account in one of the electronic payment systems. Your mobile phone bill will also work. The principle of payment in all systems is similar, the size of the commission will depend on the service you choose.

Step 2

To pay, you may need the following data: number and date of the decision on an administrative offense, code of the unit that issued the fine. They are indicated in the decree itself. If you need to enter the details of the payee, you can always clarify them on the official website of the traffic police at

Step 3

In the section "Traffic police" select "Contact information". On the updated page, click on the item "Traffic police units and groups for the execution of administrative legislation". Using the drop-down lists in the fields, select your region and the required department. Details for paying fines will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

Step 4

An example of payment of a fine from a mobile phone account of an MTS operator: enter your personal account by clicking on the link “Login to your personal account” on any page of the MTS official website. Enter your phone number and password. If there is no password, find it out by clicking on the "Get password" link. A message with a password will be sent to your phone number.

Step 5

Select the "Easy payment" option from the menu. In the list that opens, click on the "Traffic police fines" icon. Following the instructions that appear, enter the decree number and OKATO, by which the system will automatically determine the payment details and fill in the required fields. Enter your contact information (last name, first name, patronymic, registration address, and so on). Enter the payment amount and the mobile phone number from whose account this amount will be debited. Click on the "Pay" button.

Step 6

The same principle is used to pay traffic fines on Yandex. Money services (, Qiwi ( = 1973) or TeleMoney ( Log in to the system, fill in all the fields and click the "Pay" button. If required, confirm the operation with the code sent to your mobile phone.

Step 7

To pay from a bank account / card, enter your personal account on the official website of your bank and select the item “Payment of traffic fines” in the “Payments” menu. If there is no such item, you can select a payment using arbitrary details (that is, you can specify all the details of the payee yourself).

Step 8

When paying by card, remember that in this way you can only pay a fine issued in your name, since the data on the account (card) is tied specifically to you. Based on them, the system automatically fills in certain fields that cannot be corrected. To pay traffic fines for other people, use the services named above.