How To Write A Complaint To A Consumer

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How To Write A Complaint To A Consumer
How To Write A Complaint To A Consumer

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Every day we buy food, use communication services, etc., therefore, we are all consumers. Most of us are faced with the problems of poor quality services or the goods themselves. If the conflict cannot be resolved peacefully, then you need to write an appeal addressed to the head of the service provider's company, or to the supervisory authority.

How to write a complaint to a consumer
How to write a complaint to a consumer


  • - paper;
  • - ballpoint or gel pen;


Step 1

There are several ways of presenting and filing a complaint, namely, write a complaint in the book of complaints and suggestions, or a separate statement on a regular sheet.

Step 2

A book for registering wishes and claims must be at every enterprise that provides services to the population. It can be found at the buyer's corner stand. If it is not there, then the seller, or a representative of the company, must present it upon request.

Step 3

In it, write down the date of appeal, the essence of the claim, and indicate your contact information. According to the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", the administration of the institution is obliged to send a written response to the claim to your name within 10 days. By the way, if you were rude, it would not be superfluous to indicate the name and surname of the employee, or try to describe him.

Step 4

If they refused to show you a claim book, then you can write a statement on a regular white sheet in duplicate. Employees of a store or company must put the date and time of acceptance of the document, as well as their signature and surname.

Step 5

There are regulatory authorities that monitor the quality and completeness of the services provided. These include the federal service of Rospotrebnadzor, city committees and commissions for supervision in the field of the consumer market. These government agencies maintain control over enterprises. And if necessary, they can impose an administrative penalty if they violate your rights.

Step 6

An application to them is written according to the established rules: in the upper right corner, the surname and name of the head of the department is indicated, while attacks are your contact information with the address and phone number. A few centimeters below, on a new line, you write an appeal indicating the name of the company that violated your rights.

Step 7

The check in respect of the specified enterprise must be carried out within 30 days, after which a written response will be sent to you indicating the measures taken.

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