Benefits For Large Families

Benefits For Large Families
Benefits For Large Families

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Large families are now not uncommon. According to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, a family with three or more minor children is considered a large family.

The large family
The large family

What families are considered to be large

It should be noted that children studying full-time in secondary and higher educational institutions are also taken into account. This also includes adolescents under the age of 23 who are doing military service in the army.

Noteworthy is the fact that grandparents living with children and parents do not have such privileges.

Everyone knows that with a large number of children and adolescents, the issue of material support arises. Children need good food, clothing, education. All this requires money. In Russia, large families are provided with social privileges.

Social support

First of all, large families receive discounts. This includes a discount on utility bills: water, heating, electricity. It is at least 30% of the total. In the event that people live in an uncomfortable private house, then the same discount is established when purchasing fuel.

For children under 6 years of age, it is envisaged to provide them with free medications according to a doctor's prescription.

We must not forget that pupils from large families up to the age of majority, students in schools, have free travel in city and suburban transport, with the exception of taxis.

Children under 18 have a 50% discount on rail travel once a year, but only if they need spa treatment. One of the parents (father or mother) who will accompany the child on the road has the same right.

When entering preschool institutions, children from such families are admitted in the first order. In addition, in educational institutions, children can receive free breakfasts or lunches, all this is paid for by the state.

Once a month, pupils are allowed to visit parks, museums, exhibitions absolutely free of charge.

As for the parents, they also have many benefits. Firstly, if a family is in line for housing, then they are provided with housing much faster. Secondly, once they can take a soft loan on favorable terms. Thirdly, the state can once allocate a plot of land for construction needs, and in addition to this - low taxes.

Parents with three or more children in the family are employed on an individual, flexible schedule, that is, on a part-time basis. These are the most important perks, and there are some others.

Based on all this, we can say that the state provides social support in large families, improving their material security and reducing the cost of raising children.

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