How Is The Adoption Procedure

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How Is The Adoption Procedure
How Is The Adoption Procedure

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The procedure for adopting a child includes all stages of registration and verification of documents for the opportunity to take an adopted baby. At the same time, in the new birth certificate, you will already be registered as his parents with all the ensuing rights and obligations.

How is the adoption procedure
How is the adoption procedure

It is necessary

  • - passport
  • - income statement
  • - registration and availability of housing
  • - medical certificate of health
  • - certificate of no criminal record
  • - documents confirming the passage of the training program for persons wishing to adopt a child


Step 1

The adoption procedure itself is quite long and complicated, it requires a lot of effort and time. Therefore, in order to start it, you need to understand exactly how important it is to you and whether you will overcome all the difficulties that are associated with it. Before starting it, it is worth going through a special program for persons wishing to become adoptive parents. It is on it that you will learn some of the subtleties, as well as receive the necessary documents, without which the adoption process will not begin.

Step 2

The very first step for adoption after completing a special program is to apply to the guardianship authorities with a request to give the opportunity to become an adoptive parent. This application must be accompanied by a number of documents confirming your ability to do this.

Step 3

Not all people have the right to be adoptive parents, for this they must have good health, not have material and housing problems, as well as problems with the law. All these requirements are documented: a medical certificate confirming the absence of serious illnesses and disabilities; income statement; documents confirming the availability of housing suitable for living with a child; a certificate of no criminal record.

Step 4

Persons who have been deprived of parental rights and the opportunity to be guardians cannot become adoptive parents of a child, unless they have corrected all the reasons for such decisions. This must also be documented, and the decision is made through the court.

Step 5

After the acceptance of all the documents, representatives of the guardianship authorities are obliged to check the living conditions and all documents for their authenticity and reliability. After a positive decision, potential adoptive parents are given the opportunity to choose a child for themselves. At the same time, they are obliged to provide complete information about the child's health, about his past, all known data.

Step 6

If no child is suitable for adoptive parents in this region, they have the right to apply to another. When choosing a child you like, a meeting of potential adoptive parents and a baby takes place. It must be attended by representatives of the guardianship authorities in order to avoid various problems.

Step 7

If everything went well, and the child and potential parents found a common language, then the case is considered in court, and if a positive decision is made, the baby is adopted. After that, the birth certificate of the child is changed in the registry office, in which the new parents are already registered. After that, all the rights and obligations of both parents and the child become exactly the same, as in the case of their own children and parents.

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