How To Change The Staffing Table

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How To Change The Staffing Table
How To Change The Staffing Table

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Staffing is an organizational document that reflects the number of employees, job titles, the amount of payment (salaries and allowances). Resolution of the State Statistics Committee No. 1 dated 05.01.2004. a unified form has been approved, which is filled in by the person responsible for its maintenance (this can be an economist, accountant, HR specialist). A change in the staffing table is made upon the exclusion or introduction of positions, reduction in the number of employees, changes in remuneration. The general procedure for making changes is as follows:

How to change the staffing table
How to change the staffing table


Step 1

The head of the structural unit (personnel department) applies with a memo to the head, in which he indicates the need to reduce or introduce a position, gives an economic justification.

Step 2

The head of the organization makes a decision, which is formalized by order. The order reflects specific changes in the staffing table (job titles, changes in the payment system), as well as the reasons for the changes.

Step 3

A new staffing table is formed and approved, which is put into effect by the order of the head, the period of its validity of the schedule is indicated. One order can list all positions that are subject to reduction, as well as all other changes.

Step 4

Departments of the organization and employees who are affected by the changes must be familiarized with the order against signature. When changing the essential terms of the employment contract (job title, amount of remuneration), the employee should be familiarized with them at least two months in advance.

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