What Documents Are Needed To Register A Newborn

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What Documents Are Needed To Register A Newborn
What Documents Are Needed To Register A Newborn

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Registration of a newborn is a very important matter, which in no case should be delayed, since in the future this delay can entail a large number of problems. The procedure for registering a baby makes him a full citizen of his country, which is important.

What documents are needed to register a newborn
What documents are needed to register a newborn


Step 1

The parents of the newborn receive the first documents already in the maternity hospital immediately after the baby is born. In Russia, this is an exchange card of a woman in labor, which indicates information about the maternity hospital and the hospital in which the baby was born, as well as data on the course of labor and the postpartum period, a report on the baby's condition (all the main characteristics - gender, weight, height, initial health assessment, umbilical cord fall day and data on anti-tuberculosis vaccination). The documents received in the maternity hospital also include the coupon of the birth certificate and its annexes.

Step 2

Well, and the most important thing is a certificate of the birth of a child, documenting that the mother of the baby is in fact such. The certificate describes when and where the newborn was born, what gender he has, which doctor is responsible for delivering. Do not forget that this document has a limited validity period - only one month, after which it will be very difficult to get a second one and you will have to run around a large number of instances. It is this certificate that is submitted to the registry office for further registration of the baby's birth certificate.

Step 3

In principle, it is believed that registration can take place in any registry office, but it is best if it is the one that is located at the place of residence. Again, according to the law of the Russian Federation, the filing of an application for registration must occur no later than one month after the birth of the baby. To do this, parents will need the following documents - confirming the basis for registration (hospital certificate of birth in a maternity hospital, a document issued by a practitioner after childbirth, as well as a statement made in the form of people who were present at childbirth that did not take place in a medical organization), passports parents (if the family is incomplete, then only the mother's document will be enough), as well as, if any, a marriage certificate.

Step 4

An employee of the registry office writes in the birth certificate the surname of one of the parents, as well as the name of the baby at their request. It is worth remembering that if the parents are married, the presence of both is not necessary during registration - one of them is enough. But, if the marriage is not registered or dissolved, the presence of both the mother and the father is mandatory (in this case, information about paternity is entered on the basis of an act of establishing paternity drawn up directly in the registry office). If paternity is not established, then the data on the second parents can be recorded simply from the words of the mother.

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