How To Register Your Copyright

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How To Register Your Copyright
How To Register Your Copyright

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According to the current Russian legislation, the rights to the bulk of works of various kinds falling under its protection automatically arise from the moment of their creation and are not subject to registration. However, this does not prevent you from taking some steps to ensure proof of your authorship.

How to register your copyright
How to register your copyright


  • - Postal envelope;
  • - the form of a receipt notification;
  • - computer;
  • - a printer or burner and a recordable CD-ROM (better than CD-Rom, since it cannot be rewritten);
  • - the form of the list of investments;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - money to pay for postal services.


Step 1

The easiest and least expensive way to provide proof of authorship is by certified mail with a printed manuscript of a literary work or other masterpiece on digital media (for example, a CD with a piece of music), which the author sends to himself. You can use this method as after the final completion of the work over the work, and at intermediate stages: if the work is not completed, copyright automatically extends to its fragments as soon as they are ready.

Step 2

Print the finished work on a printer or burn it to a CD. When the process is complete, take the printout or disc with the work to the post office.

Purchase an envelope of the appropriate size there so that the masterpiece being sent will fit in it. For printing, an A4 envelope is suitable, for a disc - in a smaller format.

If the manuscript is thick, buy a special package for it in the appropriate size and send it by post.

Step 3

On the envelope or package, write your own home address with a zip code, and enter it in the return address field.

Step 4

Fill out the list of attachments. If you are sending a manuscript, indicate on it the name of the author, that is, your own, title, genre, number of sheets (if the pages in the manuscript are not numbered, do this immediately before printing, then you do not need to save the numbering). For example: "Vasily Pupkin, novel" The Homeless Wanderer ", 1 copy. on 250 sheets. "If you are sending a CD, just indicate its serial number:" CD No.…, 1 copy."

One copy of the inventory remains with you, the second is sent inside a letter or parcel post.

Step 5

Fill out the notification form in the same way as for the address fields on the envelope: write yours everywhere.

When everything is ready, certify the inventory with the postal worker. In his presence, seal the shipment (it is possible that he will do it himself).

Pay for mail services, save the received receipt.

Step 6

Wait for the notification, then receive a registered letter or parcel post, sign the receipt.

Never open the envelope.

Also, wait for the notification to be dropped in your inbox.

After collecting the entire set of evidence (a receipt for payment for a registered letter or parcel post, the mailing itself with a masterpiece and a list of attachments inside, your copy of the list of attachments and a return receipt), save it.

Of course, it's best if this precaution never comes in handy. But it will not be superfluous under any circumstances.

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