How To Make Money On New Year's Holidays

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How To Make Money On New Year's Holidays
How To Make Money On New Year's Holidays

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New Year's time is the time when the main part of the country is actively resting. Ten whole days have been given to us to celebrate a merry holiday and recuperate before the new working year. But there are some professions for which a real rush begins this weekend. After all, you can make money on New Year's holidays.

How to make money on New Year's holidays
How to make money on New Year's holidays


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The first and easiest option is Santa Claus and Snegurochka. Typically, this is what students of theatrical universities earn. But an ordinary person can cope with this simple task. The main thing is love for children. Learn a few poems, sayings, practice your voice. If you are Santa Claus, try to develop bass. If the Snow Maiden - your dialect should be melodious and gentle. Place ads in newspapers or simply post on neighboring houses. There will be calls, because every parent wants to please their child with a New Year's fairy tale.

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A part-time job that will require some skills from you is the host of the holiday. December is the time for corporate parties. And the closer the 31st, the more expensive are the presenter's services. But in order for you to be invited to hold an event, you need to develop a circle of clients. Therefore, it is worth starting your practice not in winter, but ahead of time. Better in spring or summer. The more people know that you are celebrating the holidays, the more clients you will gain for the new year. And do not be lazy to get acquainted with musicians, decorators, banquet service. You may need all these contacts when organizing your next event.

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If you have little or no work experience, you are a first year student or even a high school student - do not be discouraged, you can earn money too. During the New Year holidays, a huge number of children's matinees and holidays take place. And they always need animators and assistants to the hosts. Contact the employment office or call the company that organizes the events. Most likely, you will be lucky, and you will be provided with work all the holidays.

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Also, ad stickers, promoters, couriers with flexible working hours and low wages are always required. The main thing is to make an effort in finding a specialty that suits you. Now is the time for the brave and decisive, so it's not worth sitting at home waiting for everything to be brought to you on a silver platter. Post your resume on all job sites, contact the employment service, talk to friends. The more actively you look for a job, the sooner you will find a job that you like, with interesting tasks and a good salary.

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