Office Equipment - What Is It

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Office Equipment - What Is It
Office Equipment - What Is It

Video: Office Equipment - What Is It

Video: Office Equipment - What Is It
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The word "office equipment" has long and firmly entered our daily use. But if you ask the first person who comes across what it is and what devices can be called office equipment, not everyone will be able to answer correctly.

Office equipment for the office
Office equipment for the office

Office equipment (organizational equipment) is practically all the technical equipment of a modern office. After all, the presence of this very equipment greatly facilitates and speeds up any office work and, of course, simplifies interaction in any processes and at different levels. What devices are included in this capacious concept and what functions do they perform?

Execution of counting functions (mechanization of settlements)

Perhaps few people have thought about it, but one of the representatives of office equipment is a calculator. The smallest in size and weight among other office mechanisms, but it often "helps" with its presence on the desktop when carrying out various calculations.

The calculator can be safely called the progenitor of the computer, which, in fact, it is, only highly specialized. Nowadays, the variety of calculators is huge, although they are slowly giving way to other devices.

Work with documents

Computers, scanners, printers, copiers, faxes - all this equipment is necessary in order to be able to quickly perform small and large volumes of work.

Probably, it is already impossible to imagine the modern world without a computer. It is truly an indispensable device, because with its help a huge amount of information is created, changed and stored.

The next most important, perhaps, will be the printer. It is he who translates the necessary electronic text or graphic information into a tangible paper document.

A copier (copier, copier), with which you can create copies of documents, photographs, drawings on paper and other materials, also does not lag behind in its importance.

Another inhabitant of the world of office equipment is a scanner, the task of which is to translate text and graphic information on flat media (most often paper) into digital format.

Over the past few years, multifunctional devices (MFPs) have become increasingly popular - devices that have the additional functions of a printer, scanner, copier and / or fax device. Such equipment significantly benefits in price and compactness compared to the cost and amount of space occupied by each of the devices included in the MFP separately.

For the destruction of documents, a shredder is used - a device that shreds paper into tiny pieces or very small strips.


Office equipment includes communication facilities: telephone, fax, telegraph, office automatic telephone exchange. In addition to these devices, a PC can also be designated as a means of communication, with the help of which, and the presence of the Internet, one can conduct e-mail correspondence, as well as make calls.