How To Run A Competition

How To Run A Competition
How To Run A Competition
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When it becomes relevant for an organization to hold a competition in order to select the best candidates for the vacancies that have opened in the company, it is time to think about how to competently and effectively carry out this important event. Many contests, held by most companies, are “worn out” already at the stage of posting vacancies, and subsequent communication with job seekers does not lead to the desired result.

How to run a competition
How to run a competition

To conduct a competition effectively, it must be built, so to speak, psychologically flawlessly from start to finish. The organizer of the competition needs to ask the question on what basis the applicant decides that he wants to get an interview in your company. If you think about it, the applicant decides on the choice of a vacancy for a particular company, based on the minimum information available to him about it:

  • he initially studies a block of vacancies in a magazine, newspaper, on the Internet;
  • most of the applicants will call the company and draw conclusions based on how the people in your organization answer the call.

Based on this, for the effective and competent conduct of the competition, it is necessary to take into account the following key positions of this event:

  • correct preparation of the text and vacancy block;
  • correct placement of vacancies in the media and on the Internet;
  • it is desirable to have a well-executed site, the purpose of which is to positively highlight the activities of your company and the achievements over the years of painstaking work;
  • being polite when answering phone calls and emails of job seekers is one of the main conditions that must be met by your employees to maintain the appropriate level of the company;
  • a worthy meeting of applicants (in case of a sudden need) who personally brought their resume to the office of your company;
  • correct invitation of applicants for an interview.

Thus, in order to effectively conduct a competition, it is imperative to fulfill the above conditions, which should not be ignored. Instead of individual interviews, a general selection competition is carried out. All applicants who have made it to the interview stage must be invited at the appointed time at the designated location. The success of the competition can be judged mainly by the number of applicants who came: the more applicants, the more effective the competition.

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