How To Run A Contest Among Sellers

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How To Run A Contest Among Sellers
How To Run A Contest Among Sellers

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The best way to stimulate store sales is to run a competition among sellers. Play a valuable super prize by setting a level playing field for your employees. Rest assured that everyone will go out of their way for a decent reward.

How to run a contest among sellers
How to run a contest among sellers


Step 1

First, decide on the timing of this action. If you need to quickly sell an item, you will need to take only a week for the competition. If you are looking to boost sales in general, these incentives can be done every season. But in order for your proposal to be responded to, you will need to prepare a really serious prize. Play a two-person trip abroad. If you do not need extra spending, offer the winner to collect goods from the warehouse for a certain amount.

Step 2

So, you've thought about the timing. Now you need to define the criteria for judging. If your business covers several areas, it is better to allocate a prize for each of them. Thus, there will be several nominations. For example, if your company is a full cycle advertising agency, you can break them down as follows:

- the best seller of TV advertisements;

- the best seller of radio advertising;

- the best seller of advertising in print media;

- etc.

If your company is engaged in the sale of technology, it can also be broken down into segments, etc.

Step 3

In addition to valuable prizes, purchase in advance (order or do it yourself) and fill out diplomas. Such a memory will remain with people, as they say, for centuries.

Step 4

To make your idea pay off, post a competition announcement in the back room - such a reminder will come in handy.

Step 5

When you announce the terms of the competition, it is necessary that all employees are present. Announce the terms of the promotion at a general planning meeting or at a corporate party. Present the information brightly and try not to raise questions in your speech. Everything should be clear and understandable.

Step 6

Be sure to include the duration of the promotion and the rules by which each seller's performance will be calculated. Most likely, this responsibility will fall on the accounting staff. To ensure that the "accountable chamber" does not have any questions, discuss the terms of the competition with them in advance. Otherwise, showdowns cannot be avoided.

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