How To Congratulate Your Partner

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How To Congratulate Your Partner
How To Congratulate Your Partner

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Your colleague is having a happy event and you can't just stand aside. It is always pleasant when something light and festive happens to a loved one, and it is no less pleasant to be a part of this huge process. However, it is not always easy to come up with the best way to congratulate your partner or colleague. What will he be especially happy about, and what, on the contrary, will only upset him? Predicting is not an easy task.

How to congratulate your partner
How to congratulate your partner


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The first and main rule of such gifts is not to try to take the price. As a rule, business people already have a good wallet, watches, pens and other things from a "real" businessman's set. Give something less expensive, but no less enjoyable. For example, if you know that your colleague is not against alcoholic beverages, you should not give a flask for an intoxicating drink, most likely he already has one - worth a lot of money and already loved by his heart. However, you will make the right move if you present him with a good brandy, with which he can refill his flask.

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It's the same with a woman: you shouldn't give a set of expensive wine glasses or a huge set: no one is safe from the fact that it will be useless, but a set of rare piquant spices or special elite sweets will not be superfluous. Believe it or not, a bar of elite dark chocolate for a thousand rubles will show you from the favorable side, no worse than a writing object for four to five thousand.

Step 3

Does your colleague use a fountain pen? It is not necessary to give him another one: give him a professional set of exclusive branded ink and a special tool for self-refilling of a pen without using standard sleeves.

Step 4

If your partner often changes ties, then you should not give another one, it is better to decorate his collection with a stylish clip, which will always be with him, no matter what tie he chooses today. The main gift idea that should be remembered when you are going to give something to your business partner is not to try to surprise the person with the cost of the presentation. Just try to please your colleague.

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