How To Congratulate Subordinates

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How To Congratulate Subordinates
How To Congratulate Subordinates

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A close-knit and friendly team will always achieve great success in their work. Celebrations and holidays in which you can congratulate and thank your employees are a great occasion to demonstrate your positive attitude towards employees.

How to congratulate subordinates
How to congratulate subordinates

It is necessary

  • - money;
  • - presents.


Step 1

At the holiday, be sure to make a congratulatory speech. Prepare the text in advance. At the same time, try to make the speech as soulful, sincere and informal as possible. Reading your congratulations is unacceptable: it is better to prepare the outline of a future speech, but at the same time speak on your own behalf. Thank the employees for their contribution to the development of the company, tell about the job prospects and your personal gratitude to all of them.

Step 2

Organize corporate events on big holidays. For their organization, it is better to turn to professionals who will help make the evening boring and unite the team. Make sure to give gifts. They don't have to be symbolic or too cheap. Exclusive stationery, gift certificates, elite confectionery are perfect. In most companies, a cash bonus is welcome as a gift, especially with low salaries for subordinates.

Step 3

Give your employees the opportunity to prepare for the holiday themselves. Hand out small assignments, assign roles. However, the atmosphere of the pre-holiday bustle should not be tiring: if employees are busy with work, additional chores will be a burden for them. Therefore, training should be minimal and competently distributed among team members.

Step 4

You can unexpectedly congratulate subordinates: this option will turn out to be even more pleasant and effective. Contact the staff of the event agency, who will offer you interesting ideas for congratulations. This can be done in the workplace, for example, by delivering a meal from a restaurant to a team or putting on a surprise show in a costume show.

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