How To Make Subordinates Work

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How To Make Subordinates Work
How To Make Subordinates Work
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Every manager knows that it is difficult to find a good employee today. It is much more difficult to ensure that the employee performs his duties efficiently. There are various methods of stimulation to work will help to make subordinates work more efficiently.

How to make it work?
How to make it work?


Step 1

Having successfully completed any important job assignment, we count on a positive assessment from our management. Therefore, it is necessary to reward your subordinate for his work. Use the incentive after completing the intended work.

Step 2

The easiest way to get subordinates to work is through financial incentives. But it is possible that your subordinate will not receive this remuneration immediately, but after a certain period of time - on the day of payment of wages. In such a situation, encouragement should be given with praise.

Step 3

When choosing this type of approval, consider the personal characteristics of your subordinate. Someone likes to be praised in private, someone is pleased to hear praise from the management, surrounded by their colleagues.

Step 4

An individual approach will make subordinates work with greater efficiency. A photograph of the best employee at the entrance can be a good incentive for him and others.

Step 5

Involve your subordinates in the activities of the company. Give them the information they need to get the job done. This involvement of employees in the affairs of the company will strengthen their loyalty and make subordinates work the way you need to.

Step 6

Many workers value being able to get the job done the way they see fit. Give these subordinates additional authority and autonomy. This kind of trust on your part will reward them. This privilege is based on past work achievements.

Step 7

Set clear goals and objectives for your employees. Employees should know the timing of the preparation of the material or report. Make sure your requirements are clear to your subordinates.

Step 8

For the most disciplined workers, introduce a more flexible work schedule. An extra day off and overtime pay stimulate subordinates to perform their duties more successfully.

Step 9

Meet the training and education needs of your employees. To do this, discuss career options with the subordinate. Encourage him to pursue new skills.

Step 10

Take time for simple human interaction with your subordinates, and their work will suit your requirements.

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