How To Make An Estimate: Instructions

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How To Make An Estimate: Instructions
How To Make An Estimate: Instructions

Not a single repair is complete without drawing up estimates or estimates. It takes into account the required amount of building and finishing materials, calculates the cost of their purchase and delivery. An estimate for repairs can be made by specialists of a repair and construction company, special organizations and even individuals.

How to make an estimate: instructions
How to make an estimate: instructions


Step 1

To draw up an estimate, you need a floor plan of a house or apartment, office or industrial premises. This is the basis for calculating the area and consumption of building and finishing materials. In addition, knowledge of the technology for carrying out construction, installation and finishing works is necessary in order to correctly select all the required materials and apply the necessary coefficients, taking into account the technological difficulties when using certain finishing materials. In the estimate, it is also necessary to provide for transportation costs for the delivery of construction and finishing materials, equipment to the place of work and take into account the depreciation of this equipment.

Step 2

If the construction project is large and rather complex - a trade or exhibition center, a high-rise building, an industrial enterprise, it is better to entrust the preparation of a construction estimate for it to a specialized budget organization due to its technical complexity and high labor intensity. Its cost is usually about 0.5% of the total cost of the estimate.

Step 3

If you order repair work in an apartment, house or office of a repair and construction company, then, usually, its specialists make an estimate for free, leaving and making all the necessary measurements directly at the facility. Such a scheme is considered preliminary, since in the course of work it is necessarily subject to correction. The final estimate, as a rule, should not differ from the preliminary by more than 10%, provided that the previous terms of reference for repairs are preserved.

Step 4

Currently, on the Internet, you can easily find software, specialized budget programs, including free ones. For simple repairs and reconstruction, you can see numerous examples of budgeting and adjust them taking into account your room parameters and materials. Most construction firms use Excel spreadsheets when developing estimates, so even an individual can easily use them to calculate the estimated cost of an upcoming repair.

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