How To Make An Estimate For Finishing Work

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How To Make An Estimate For Finishing Work
How To Make An Estimate For Finishing Work

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Estimate - the totality of all costs for materials and work. The complexity of finishing work does not differ much from other types of work. But such work is the most painstaking in terms of monetary calculations. Before you start finishing the premises, make an estimate of the finishing work so that there are no unplanned costs.

How to make an estimate for finishing work
How to make an estimate for finishing work


Step 1

Take your budgeting seriously. Assess your financial capabilities, because the market has an abundance of different kinds and quality of materials - these can be expensive high-quality materials, they can be at a lower price, but the quality will remain at the same level, i.e. analysis of the market of goods and their selection will save you from miscalculation in the estimate.

Step 2

To make an estimate, you will need a floor plan of the room in which you plan to carry out the finishing work. Next, examine the condition of the premises, determine the necessary materials and work. In order to select materials, taking into account their technical characteristics, one needs knowledge of the technique of performing work, the ability to determine the amount of work. It is also necessary to take into account the costs of delivery of finishing materials, possible used technological equipment, tools to the place of work. And don't forget to factor in the depreciation percentage of your equipment and tools.

Step 3

An important point is the preparatory stage of finishing work (primer, putty, etc.). These materials must be of good quality, as will affect the finish in the long run. If the object of work is small and simple, the estimate can be drawn up independently and drawn up in the form of a tabular document, which indicates the work and materials by category, their volume, the price per unit from the price lists, the cost of work and materials.

Step 4

The total amount in the estimate is the sum of all work and materials on the document. And this will be the amount of money that you should spend on finishing work. Also, the cost of all work depends on who will carry out the finishing work - or it will be a qualified team of finishers or novice finishers who are just starting to develop in this business, the cost of services which will be much lower than that of professionals. But at the same time, do not forget about the risk of getting a low quality of work performed, which will entail an increase in the cost of the estimate due to possible alterations.

Step 5

Also, an estimate can be made using special programs. Download a program that is convenient for you and enter the initial values ​​in the data window (as a rule, it is possible to load an Excel file with loaded data), click "Calculate", then - "Generate an estimate". Select a document type and create it.

Step 6

If the object of finishing work is large and laborious, it is better to order the preparation of an estimate from a specialized estimate company. The cost of its preparation ranges from 0.5% of the total estimated cost. If you plan to order finishing work by a specialized team, then the estimate will be free of charge. And it will be preliminary, in the course of work the estimate is adjusted, and the final estimate cannot differ from the preliminary one by more than 10%, provided that all technical stages of the assignment are preserved.

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