How To Write A Work Plan

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How To Write A Work Plan
How To Write A Work Plan

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To make a good work plan, you need to train your thinking in a certain way. Such efforts quickly pay off, because a well-thought-out work plan leads to the goal in the shortest possible way.

Writing a work plan is a creative process
Writing a work plan is a creative process

It is necessary

Notepad, systematization skills


Step 1

Jot down the specific goals on paper for which you will be making a plan. Written goals become especially clear. Make several goal statements and choose the best one.

If you don't understand the goals, think about the problems you are facing. And try to find the causes of these problems. If the work plan addresses these causes, you can deal with the problems that have arisen.

For example, you are concerned about the problem of poor customer service in your organization. Polls have shown that the reason lies in the inability of some employees of the company to cooperate with each other. You can set a goal - to train employees to interact.

Step 2

Make a list:

a) in what directions you intend to act;

b) what resources are needed for each direction;

c) what responsibilities must be fulfilled in each direction.

Your list might look something like this:

a) conduct a role-play with employees about typical situations in which the company's clients find themselves;

b) the presenter of the role-playing game, 2 hours of time, room;

c) talk with clients and make a list of undesirable situations for them, develop a role-play plan, coordinate the time with the management, ensure the attendance of employees, develop internal company standards for high-quality customer service.

Step 3

Predict possible outcomes. For example, company employees will begin to put into practice the interaction skills learned in a play setting. Accordingly, the company's clients will be served according to new standards, and the feedback will show their reaction.

Step 4

Make a work schedule. It should include a list of actions with an indication of the execution time. Please note that some actions can be carried out in parallel with each other to save time.

It is convenient to keep the work schedule in the diary
It is convenient to keep the work schedule in the diary

Step 5

Determine who and how will oversee the implementation of the work plan. Be sure to evaluate the execution of the plan in accordance with the goals set in the 1st planning step. Do not forget about the incentive system in case of success, even if you made a work plan for yourself. This approach will inspire you to plan further.

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