How To Plan A Work Plan In Kindergarten

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How To Plan A Work Plan In Kindergarten
How To Plan A Work Plan In Kindergarten
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In order for the processes of upbringing and development of preschoolers to take place in the system consistently and adapted to the age characteristics of children, it is necessary to carefully plan the work. Kindergarten work plans are varied: the work plan of the entire kindergarten for the year, calendar-thematic planning for each age group and individual plans of the teacher for each day.

How to plan a work plan in kindergarten
How to plan a work plan in kindergarten


Step 1

If you need to draw up a work plan for the entire preschool institution for the year, include in it not only planning for work with pupils, but also with their parents, and with the entire teaching staff.

Step 2

Indicate in the plan what educational program is being taught in different age groups in your kindergarten. Also note what skills and abilities your pupils should possess at this or that stage of the educational process.

Step 3

Schedule monitoring sessions to analyze the effectiveness of the program. Indicate the estimated dates and topics.

Step 4

Indicate the name of the academic disciplines planned for study for each age group. For example, you can schedule "Logic" or "Modeling".

Step 5

List activities to improve the health of your children in your plan. This can be some kind of hardening procedures (pouring cold water, rubbing with a hard towel, visiting the pool, etc.), as well as daily morning exercises and taking fortified teas.

Step 6

Schedule sports events such as Dad, Mom, I'm a Sports Family, Jolly Starts, etc. It is also very important that sports sections and circles work in kindergarten. Reflect their functioning in the work plan for the year. All this will contribute to the formation of a healthy lifestyle in the families of your pupils.

Step 7

Indicate in the document the work of the aesthetic circles as well. For example, you can organize a dance club, drama studio or vocal group on the basis of a preschool institution and mark this in the plan of the kindergarten.

Step 8

Consider also working with parents of preschoolers. This can be not only parent-teacher meetings, but also holding competitions or various family holidays. Very interesting is the competition of works for the best pedigree (drawing up a family tree) or the holding of a festival of talented families.

Step 9

Reflect the work with the teaching staff in the plan. In this section, you need to plan for the certification of educators, their participation in various competitions of professional skills, as well as advanced training in all kinds of courses and seminars. Make a plan to have open sessions with pupils for colleagues in your kindergarten and other preschool institutions.

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