How To Write A Promotion Plan

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How To Write A Promotion Plan
How To Write A Promotion Plan

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Professional development of teachers should take place according to a carefully developed plan. It will allow the teacher to systematically prepare for the certification procedure, evenly distributing the load. As a rule, the methodological service of the kindergarten helps the teacher in drawing up the plan.

How to write a promotion plan
How to write a promotion plan


Step 1

The professional development plan is drawn up for approximately two years. During this time, the teacher prepares to defend his work. The methodological service continuously monitors the actions of the teacher, accompanying and providing him with timely assistance.

Step 2

The plan for the first year should include such a moment as defining the topic for the teacher's self-education, the goals and objectives of the study. The topic should correspond to the general methodological topic of the preschool institution, and also be relevant for research. In addition, it is desirable that this research be interesting for the teacher. This will ensure a responsible attitude to the quality of research work.

Step 3

The next moment of the plan is the study of literature on the chosen topic. This will allow the teacher to immerse himself in the problem, to choose the most effective research methods and techniques for himself. The entire list of used literature is then indicated in the work. Moreover, all sources are arranged in alphabetical order.

Step 4

Also, the plan for the first year of preparation includes conducting a statement experiment on a group of children. It will allow you to determine the initial level of knowledge, skills and abilities of preschoolers.

Step 5

The second year plan contains continuing education courses. After completing the courses, the teacher is awarded a certificate and certificate. These documents confirm the compliance of the teacher's knowledge with the declared qualification category.

Step 6

In addition, during the second year of work, the teacher conducts a formative experiment with a group of children. After a series of tasks for the formation of certain knowledge, skills and abilities, the final result is monitored. The control experiment will show the dynamics of the development of preschoolers.

Step 7

The plan also includes an open event. The date of the event can be adjusted. Members of the attestation commission are invited to open viewing. After the event, an analysis of the entire work of the teacher is carried out. During the discussion, a decision is made on the compliance or non-compliance of the teacher's level with the declared qualification category. In case of a positive decision, the education department issues an order to assign the appropriate category to the teacher.

Step 8

As the points of the plan are completed, the teacher puts down a mark on the implementation in the appropriate column.

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