How To Write A Promotion Memo

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How To Write A Promotion Memo
How To Write A Promotion Memo

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To increase the salary of an individual employee, the personnel service needs to carry out a number of changes in the remuneration system, accompanying them with the creation of new documents and amending existing regulations. The initiative should come from the immediate head of the structural unit in which the changes are being prepared. At the first stage, he must draw up a document addressed to the higher management, representing the need to increase the salary of a particular employee.

How to write a promotion memo
How to write a promotion memo


Step 1

In most cases, such a document is presented as a "Memo on the increase in wages." In fact, a memo, according to the rules of document flow, is drawn up on the performance of any work and is intended for the exchange of information between the heads of structural divisions. Since this document is addressed to senior management, the correct decision would be to name it “Memorandum”.

In the upper right corner, according to the rules for drawing up similar papers, write the name and form of ownership of the enterprise. Further, as in any other appeal, indicate the position, surname, name and patronymic of the authorized person in the "to whom" format. In the center of the sheet, place the title of the document - "Memorandum".

Step 2

Indicate the date of the memorandum and the registration number of the outgoing document. Below, please briefly tell us what the essence of the appeal is, for example, "to raise the official salary." Next, provide the reasons for your proposed changes. This can be an increase in the qualifications of an employee, an increase in the workload, or in sales. Here, refer to existing documents confirming the need for changes.

Step 3

In the final part of the report, state your proposal, indicating the specific figures for the increase in wages and the date from which you are asking for changes to the existing settlement procedure.

Next, list the attached documents that were referenced in the body of the note.

In conclusion, write the position of the head of the structural unit, leave room for personal painting and printing. And do not forget to indicate the decryption of his signature (surname and initials).

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