How To Write A Memo For An Employee

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How To Write A Memo For An Employee
How To Write A Memo For An Employee
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The full official name of this document is a Memorandum. This genre is now in vogue mainly in government organizations and large companies. In small and medium-sized businesses, conflict situations, for the resolution of which a report is used, are often solved orally, but sometimes a written form is also used.

How to write a memo for an employee
How to write a memo for an employee

It is necessary

  • - a computer;
  • - Printer;
  • - paper;
  • - a fountain pen.


Step 1

The same requirements apply to the memo as to most formal documents. It should contain information to whom (the head of a department or organization) and from whom it is addressed.

All this data is located in the upper right corner of the document, and the section itself is called the "header".

The first line indicates the post of the addressee of the report, below - the name of the organization, then - the surname with initials.

Even lower in the same order, excluding the name of the organization: position and surname with the initials of the author of the memo. If the post is long, it can span more than one line.

Step 2

Under the "heading", usually with a few lines indented, the title of the document is written - a memo. This is usually done with a lowercase letter, with a period at the end. Let us also admit the option when it is typed in capital letters without a full stop.

In any case, you need to place the name in the middle of the line (when typing in a text editor - using center alignment).

Step 3

Below is a brief summary of the essence of the incident that gave rise to the writing of the report: which of the colleagues, subordinates or senior in position, when and under what circumstances, what exactly did he did and why the author of the report considers these actions unacceptable.

It is possible to refer, arguing the inadmissibility of an act, not only to the norms of current legislation, but also to internal corporate rules, where appropriate, to appeal to the harmful consequences of a misconduct for the enterprise (for example, a disruption of the production schedule due to the fact that an employee did not fulfill without good reason or out of time completed his part of the work). If the actions that became the reason for the report caused damage to the company, this must also be indicated.

Step 4

Having completed the presentation of the incident, you need to move on to what the author of the report asks the addressee. As a rule, it is assumed that certain measures will be taken to restore order.

The date is put under the text of the memo. Then the finished document is printed and signed.

There may be several authors. In this case, everyone is listed in the "header" and signs under the memo.

Then the document is handed over to the addressee in person, through a secretary or by corporate mail.

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