How To Get A Promotion

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How To Get A Promotion
How To Get A Promotion

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According to Russian labor law, the employer has the right to transfer an employee to another position only if he agrees. As ridiculous as it sounds, the promotion that some aspire to requires a positive response from the employee. It is also very important to draw up all the documents that accompany such personnel changes.

How to get a promotion
How to get a promotion


Step 1

Often the initiator of the promotion is the manager or the boss of the employee, that is, it does not have to be the CEO of the organization himself. As a rule, observing the excellent and timely fulfillment of obligations, the head of the department decides to promote the successful specialist a little higher. To do this, he must write a memorandum on the promotion to the head of the organization. It should contain information about the employee, his education, professionalism, merit, that is, everything that will play a positive role in promotion.

Step 2

After that, the employee must write a statement addressed to the head of the organization with a request to transfer him to a higher position. It is not necessary to list the merits and other data in this document, just the text is enough: "Please transfer me to a position (indicate which one)." Signature and date of compilation just below.

Step 3

After all of the above documents fall into your hands, you must familiarize yourself with them and approve (or reject). If the answer is yes, draw up a supplementary agreement to the employment contract. This must be done, since by increasing, you are making changes to the conditions of this regulatory document. In the agreement, be sure to indicate the new position, the date of transfer, the new salary and other changed information, for example, hours of work.

Step 4

Draw up this document in two copies, keep one of which with you, hand the second to the employee. The agreement must be signed by both parties and sealed with a blue organization stamp.

Step 5

After that, issue an order to transfer the employee to another position (form No. T-5). In it, indicate the data of the employee, that is, name, personnel number, previous and new place of work, new salary and the basis for the transfer, that is, a statement, a memorandum.

Step 6

Then sign the order and give it to the employee for review, after which he must sign and date it.

Step 7

The next stage is making changes to the employee's work book. In the section "Information about the job" put down the serial number, then the date of transfer in the format, In the 3rd column write: "Transferred to the position (indicate which one)". In the next box, fill in the number and date of the transfer order.

Step 8

Further, on the basis of the order, make changes to the personal card (form No. T-2). Do this by making an entry in the "Recruitment and Transfers" section.

Step 9

If necessary, issue a job description and sign it with an employee. Also, based on the order, make changes to the staffing table.

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