How To Write A Sales Plan

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How To Write A Sales Plan
How To Write A Sales Plan

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A well-designed sales plan is a huge help in the work of the customer acquisition department. A professional leader will add to it not only the numbers of future profits, but also a description of the methods by which you can achieve an increase in income.

How to write a sales plan
How to write a sales plan


Step 1

Writing a sales plan begins with a header. After leaving two or three lines, write in the center of the sheet: "Sales plan for the department …". Then: "Compiled by the head / manager" and your own last name, first name and patronymic. Put the date under the text.

Step 2

In the first paragraph of the plan, indicate how many employees work in the department. Describe how they cope with their job responsibilities and whether new managers need to be hired. Remind about the achievements of the department. List the names of the largest clients that were attracted in the past period.

Step 3

In the second paragraph, describe the performance for the last quarter. Add bust and bounce charts. Indicate the total amount and profit for each employee separately. If the previous sales plan was exceeded, calculate it as a percentage and enter it in the document.

Step 4

In the third paragraph, write down the planned sales for the next quarter. Indicate which companies have already agreed to cooperate with your company. Mark how many contracts are being signed and how many are being negotiated. List the companies with which you are just planning to establish contact.

Step 5

In the fourth paragraph, describe the activities that need to be carried out to promote sales. Perhaps you need an additional advertising campaign. Or they haven't had conferences and dinner parties for a long time. Mark if there is a need to replace household appliances.

Step 6

In the fifth point, place recommendations for optimizing the department's work. Mark if there is a need for replacement of household appliances. Describe how you can simplify communication with other services - accounting, marketing, and legal. Do everything so that management gets not just "bare" figures of future profits, but a detailed plan of managers' work in the future period.

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