How To Make Money In A Couple Of Days

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How To Make Money In A Couple Of Days
How To Make Money In A Couple Of Days

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If you urgently need a part-time job that does not require certain skills, you can always find one-time orders and offers. By the way, any part-time job can become a permanent additional income if the customer is satisfied with you. So don't look for easy money, look for promising directions.

How to make money in a couple of days
How to make money in a couple of days


Step 1

Take part in paid surveys. For sociological research, large companies and public opinion research centers are constantly looking for respondents. Topics for polls vary widely, ranging from toothpaste to attitudes towards the political system. Polls are of several types. Sociological interview by phone - you are interviewed on a list of questions on a specific topic. The survey is anonymous, paid for by transferring money to the phone. The amounts are small: from 500 to 1000 rubles. Hall test is an express survey on a specific topic, possibly with testing of a certain product. It does not last long, about 30 minutes, it is also paid modestly, or they give a gift from the company. Basic surveys, the so-called focus groups, pay well. In this case, you may be given an assignment in advance to test a certain product, watch a TV show, etc. Then you will be invited to the office for discussion. The discussion can last for several hours, but at the same time it is well paid - from 1,500 to 4,000 rubles.

Step 2

To get into paid polls, look for invitations on job search sites, various family forums, and social networks. You will need a good knowledge of the topic, the presence of this or that thing (from an iron to a car).

Step 3

Look for ads that require a one-time courier. Online retailers turn to frequent couriers during the season of big sales or sales ahead of the holidays. A one-time order can be found on women's sites, where there are forums for buying and selling and joint purchases. In this case, you can receive an order, pick up the item and deliver it to the desired address. You will receive payment immediately on the same day. If you show yourself well, the organizers of joint purchases can cooperate with you on an ongoing basis. There are especially many orders on weekends.

Step 4

You can earn extra money a few days a week by delivering free classified flyers and newspapers to your home. This work takes a couple of hours a day at any time convenient for you. True, employers are more interested in regular distributors, reluctantly trusting the press to random people.

Step 5

But to distribute leaflets at the metro, they are looking for people who want to make money quickly. The sooner you hand out flyers, the sooner your work day will end. But it will not be possible to cheat: a representative of the customer is always watching the distributors. Of course, you won't be able to earn a lot on such a part-time job. Maximum 1000 rubles for a couple of hours on the street.

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