How To Register A Parent

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How To Register A Parent
How To Register A Parent

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The set of documents for registration of parents to children depends on whether the apartment is privatized. If not, you will have to provide documentary evidence of relationship. Anyone can be registered in the privatized one at the request of the owner.

How to register a parent
How to register a parent

It is necessary

  • - certificate of ownership of housing or another document of title to it (when registering in a privatized apartment);
  • - documents confirming relationship (in the case of parents - birth certificate of a son or daughter and a copy thereof);
  • - passport;
  • - application for registration at the place of residence;
  • - the basis for registration (agreement, statement, consent of all tenants or other document on the situation);
  • - address sheet of departure (if any).


Step 1

If the apartment is privatized, the situation with the registration of parents to an adult son or daughter is no different from the registration at the place of residence of any relative or other person. There are also no restrictions on living space. It is only required to conclude an agreement for the free use of the residential premises and to certify the signatures under it of all adults living in the apartment, at a notary or in the housing office. If only the owner is registered in the apartment, his application for the provision of living space, certified also by the housing office or by a notary, is sufficient.

Step 2

When registering any relative, including parents, there are no restrictions on municipal living space either. You will need documents confirming kinship, and documents of consent for registration of all adults registered at the place of residence on this living space, also certified by a notary or at the housing office.

Step 3

Before certification, the notary must make sure that everyone who is registered in the apartment is available. To do this, you need to take a copy of the financial and personal account and an extract from the house book at the housing office. The same documents are also presented when concluding an agreement or obtaining consent at the place of their submission. When concluding a contract for the use of a privatized apartment, a certificate of ownership of it must also be presented. It is necessary to show the passports of those who will sign the contract, statement or consent with him to a notary or an employee of the ZhEK (or FMS).

Step 4

Otherwise, the registration procedure is the same: the necessary set of documents is submitted to the housing office or the territorial division of the FMS. It includes the basis for registration (application, agreement, consent of all residents or others), the passport of the person who is registering and his application for registration at the place of residence.

If the registering person has not been discharged from the previous place of residence, he fills out the required part of the application. If removed from the registration register, presents the address sheet of departure. Those who have not previously had a residence permit in Russia do not need to fill out a deregistration coupon and present the departure sheet.

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