How To Make A Cadastral Passport

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How To Make A Cadastral Passport
How To Make A Cadastral Passport

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The cadastral passport of the land plot is made through the cadastral registration authorities that are part of the system of Rosreestr bodies. It can be obtained both in paper form with the signature of the contractor and a seal, as well as in electronic form. Cadastral passports are issued for a fee, which is currently 200 rubles for individuals.

How to make a cadastral passport
How to make a cadastral passport


Step 1

The cadastral passport of a land plot is an extract from the State Real Estate Cadastre containing the unique characteristics of the plot. To obtain this document, you need to download a request for a cadastral passport from the Rosreestr website (it is available here: and fill it out

Step 2

Further, after filling out the question, you will need to pay a state fee for the production of a cadastral passport. For individuals it is 200 rubles per copy of the document, for legal entities 600. You can pay for it through any bank.

Step 3

Find out on the Rosreestr website for your region the schedule of the cadastral registration authority and submit an application and a receipt for payment of the state fee at office hours. You need to have your passport with you. An employee of the authority will take your documents and issue a ready-made cadastral passport within 5 working days.

Step 4

If you do not need a cadastral passport with the signature of the contractor and the seal (if you receive it for informational purposes), you can make it through the Rosreestr website. Within the same 5 working days, you will receive the document electronically.

Step 5

Click on the button "Electronic services of Rosreestr" on the right side of the main page of the Rosreestr website. Through the form that opens, find the land plot, the cadastral passport of which you need (this can be done by typing its cadastral or conditional number or address). Having seen the link "Make a request to the State Real Estate Cadastre", follow it and fill out the form, noting that you need a cadastral passport, not an extract. You will need to enter your passport details in the form. After that, pay the state fee and through the letter that came to your email address, activate the request. Within 5 working days, a link will be sent to your email address, where you can download the finished document.

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