How To Obtain Russian Citizenship

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How To Obtain Russian Citizenship
How To Obtain Russian Citizenship
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A person endowed with Russian citizenship has a number of advantages over guests on the territory of his country. Russian legislation provides for the possibility of dual citizenship. Therefore, any foreign citizen who decides to obtain Russian citizenship can do this in the proper manner and subject to all established rules.

How to obtain Russian citizenship
How to obtain Russian citizenship

It is necessary

  • - photos;
  • - passport;
  • - employment history;
  • - medical certificates;
  • - a permit for temporary residence in the Russian Federation;
  • - Marriage certificate;
  • - income statement;
  • - a document confirming knowledge of the Russian language.


Step 1

Citizenship of the Russian Federation can be obtained in a public or simplified manner. These orders are regulated by Art. 14 of the Law "On Citizenship of the Russian Federation" (consideration period - up to 6 months) and Art. 13 (consideration period - up to 1 year).

Step 2

If you are a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan or Belarus, to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation, be guided by the International Agreement with the Russian Federation. You have a legal chance of obtaining the required passport within three months.

Step 3

There are also persons who are citizens of the Russian Federation by recognition. In the case of permanent residence on the territory of the RSFSR before February 6, 1992, you have the right to prove that you are recognized as a citizen of the Russian Federation, if you have not officially refused to obtain citizenship. To date, you can recognize your right only by going to court.

Step 4

Graduates of higher and secondary vocational educational institutions located in Russia have the right to obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified form. Also, this category of persons includes citizens, one of whose parents is a citizen of Russia, permanently residing in the territory of their country. At the same time, “simplification” means that there is no need to obtain a residence permit.

Step 5

You must submit an application for obtaining Russian citizenship to the Consular Section of the Diplomatic Representation of the Russian Federation on the territory of your current state. Attach 3 photos of 3x4 cm to your application, a copy of your passport, a copy of the TC, a copy of your foreign passport, a copy of your graduation diploma, a copy of your marriage certificate, a certificate of income, a copy of a document confirming your knowledge of the Russian language. A receipt confirming the payment of the duty is also attached.

Step 6

For citizens who are not included in the list of persons able to obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified manner, the first step in this direction is to obtain a residence permit in Russia. It is issued for a period of 5 years and can be renewed an unlimited number of times. If you plan, in the future, to obtain citizenship, you need to permanently reside in the territory of the Russian Federation for 5 years.

Step 7

To obtain a residence permit, you must provide the following documents: 3 photographs (3, 5x4, 5 cm), passport, application, previously obtained temporary residence permit, income statement and bank statement, medical certificates. The application must be submitted to the FMS of Russia.

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