The Advantage Of Contract Military Service

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The Advantage Of Contract Military Service
The Advantage Of Contract Military Service

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Military service under a contract is not just a job, but the defense of the Motherland. It is quite stable and gives confidence in the future. Contractual military service has a number of advantages.

The advantage of contract military service
The advantage of contract military service

Currently, contract military service is prestigious and in demand. It combines both its own and state interests. On the one hand, this is a voluntary contribution to strengthening the defense of the state, and on the other, employment, stability, and social security. Military service has a number of advantages and benefits.

Material support of military personnel under the contract

The monetary allowance of a soldier consists of a monthly salary, depending on the rank awarded, the position held and additional monetary payments: for length of service; for class qualifications; for special conditions of military service; for work with information constituting a state secret; for special achievements in the service; for the conscientious performance of the service.

Also, material assistance in the amount of one salary is paid every year. According to the law, a lifting allowance is paid upon the conclusion of the first contract and upon transfer to a new duty station. Payment of compensation for housing sub-rent is made. Upon dismissal from military service, an allowance is paid depending on the length of service: less than 20 years - 2 salaries, and more than 20 years - 7 salaries.

The soldier who signed the second contract becomes a contender for participation in the accumulative mortgage system. Then an individual account is set up on it, to which money is transferred monthly. With an accumulation of 660 thousand rubles, a serviceman has the right to buy a house for himself. The bank will additionally allocate 2 million 300 thousand rubles to this amount. Buying housing in any region, he will not pay for it, but only continue to serve. The state will repay the mortgage, and this does not affect the salary of a serviceman in any way.

Benefits for contract military personnel

1. An important condition is the provision of housing at the time of service. The possibility of buying a home after a certain length of service under the military mortgage program.

2. Getting free education. The preferential right to enroll in state institutions of higher and secondary vocational education.

3. Medical service. Free medical and rehabilitation assistance in military medical institutions. For all family members of a serviceman, medical support is provided through the compulsory medical insurance system.

4. Clothing support. The soldier is in full state maintenance. Provided annually with military uniform and other necessary uniforms.

5. Free travel to the new duty station and on a business trip. Once a year, a serviceman and his family members are paid travel to the place of vacation.

6. Pension security. Subject to 20 years of service or more, the right to retirement maintenance from 45 years.

7. Health and life insurance. When a contractor is dismissed from service due to injury while on duty, 2 million rubles are paid. In the event of the death of a serviceman while performing military duties, the payment is 3 million rubles.

A person serving on a contract basis is permanently protected from the crisis and unemployment. Military service is a decent salary, government support and the opportunity to get your own home.

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