How To Quit Military Service On A Contract Basis

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How To Quit Military Service On A Contract Basis
How To Quit Military Service On A Contract Basis

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Many contract soldiers often face the problem of being discharged from military service before the end of their term. According to the federal law "On conscription and military service" dated March 6, 1998 No. 53-FZ, the dismissal of a serviceman at his own request is provided for if there are a number of valid reasons.

How to quit military service on a contract basis
How to quit military service on a contract basis

It is necessary

  • - resignation report;
  • - extract of the decision of the attestation commission;
  • - availability of documents confirming a good reason for dismissal;
  • - permission of the commander to dismiss.


Step 1

Russian legislation identifies a number of reasons under which a contract serviceman can resign of his own free will before the end of his service. These reasons make further military service difficult and are grounds for dismissal.

Step 2

Grounds for dismissal of their own free will may be: - residence of the parents or family of a soldier abroad;

- deterioration of health and inability to carry on further service;

- the inability to support a family on a military salary in the absence of other sources of income. At the same time, they proceed from the subsistence minimum in the region and the cost of the "consumer basket";

- pregnancy of a female soldier with a deterioration in her health condition;

- death of a close relative, after which the soldier cannot continue to perform his duties;

- if a soldier is forced to support and raise young children without a spouse or look after elderly parents in need of care.

Step 3

If there are such valid reasons, the soldier submits a letter of dismissal to the command with an indication of a reasoned reason. The commander sends the report to the certification commission (it is created in the military unit and includes the head of the military unit or his deputy, unit commanders and representatives of legal bodies).

Step 4

The attestation commission considers the case on its merits within the time frame established for this. They can be different. So, in military units, the report is considered urgently, maximum 7 days after the submission of the report. In the directorates of military districts, fleets, main directorates of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, 15 days are allocated from the date of receipt of the report.

Step 5

The terms for consideration of the resignation report can be extended if additional verification is needed. The maximum period here does not exceed 15 days. The serviceman is notified of the need for additional consideration of the report.

Step 6

After a positive decision is made by the certification commission, the commander, on its basis, issues a final permission for dismissal.

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