How To Make Money On Charity

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How To Make Money On Charity
How To Make Money On Charity

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The trend of charity that is fashionable today gives rise to many people in this area who want to enrich themselves at someone else's expense. Of course, good deeds should be done free of charge. But if the fund is large, sooner or later the question arises of expanding the staff of employees who will not work for free. Is it realistic to do charity work and at the same time make money legally?

How to make money on charity
How to make money on charity


Step 1

Charitable foundations are non-profit organizations and have a simplified taxation scheme. The charter of the foundation must necessarily indicate what percentage of targeted donations the organization has the right to use directly for the needs of the foundation. This amount cannot exceed 30% of each receipt.

Step 2

The resulting interest can be used for renting premises, salaries of employees, office support, transportation costs.

Step 3

All fund employees must be formally recruited and taxed accordingly. To help you have the right to attract volunteers cooperating with the foundation on a gratuitous basis. In this case, the official staff can be significantly reduced, leaving only the position of the general director and accountant.

Step 4

As a rule, very large sums of money are spent on renting an office. You need to think about the advisability of abandoning the office, and for all meetings to be held in neutral places. A potential benefactor can get all the necessary information on the foundation's website.

Step 5

You can find free premises, for example, an office on the basis of a university, a large company or a children's creativity center. You can go to your local DEZ and get information about preferential rentals in the area. Then write a petition addressed to the prefect or mayor of the city with a request to help get a free area for the fund.

Step 6

Travel expenses can be compensated with the help of all the same volunteers - to involve them in the delivery of the necessary things to the beneficiaries. And also actively use them on business trips and for charity events.

Step 7

Thus, if the fund has neither premises nor transport on its balance sheet, and only a couple of employees work, you can officially deduct those legal 30% of donations monthly into the payroll fund. Just do not forget that the main goal of a charitable foundation is to help those in need, not personal enrichment.

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