How To Work As A Waiter

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How To Work As A Waiter
How To Work As A Waiter

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A waiter is a difficult profession that requires endurance, strength, patience, and certain skills. But it is quite possible to master it if you know the rules of how to work as a waiter in a cafe, restaurant and other catering outlets.

How to work as a waiter
How to work as a waiter


Step 1

The waiter must be agile, active in character, besides, he must have a good memory, which will be useful to him not only to quickly calculate the order in his mind, remember him and the client who ordered the dishes, but also to remember that he The guests of the restaurant "ordered" from the various tables it serves.

Step 2

In order to work as a waiter in a decent establishment, before you come to an interview with an employer, you should know perfectly well the rules of table setting. They can be different in different cafes and restaurants, but the waiter should be familiar with their basics from the beginning.


Step 3

A person with a tray in their hands needs to be able to handle it, to know the order of taking out dishes and how to arrange them on a tray, how to carry it correctly in their hands. Waiters study such nuances in special training courses for restaurant employees.

Step 4

An employee in the service and food sector must have an unexpired medical record. Also important will be the health status of the waiter. If he suffers from a tendency to allergic manifestations (in restaurants it is often smoky, a lot of heat, odors, etc.), to diseases of the legs (varicose veins, flat feet, edema), it will be difficult for him to work in a restaurant.

Step 5

The appearance of the waiter must always be neat, clean, personal hygiene rules must be observed especially carefully. A cheerful and well-groomed waiter is much more likely to get a prestigious high-paying job than a sloppy and gloomy one. The best age to work as a waiter is under 27 years old.

Step 6

When serving a table, the waiter is obliged to show friendliness to the client, to constantly observe from the side what is happening at the table he serves. You need to be ready to come up to the table at any moment, when the visitor calls the waiter or when you need to replace the ashtray, glass, plates, etc. The waiter must know well the assortment of not only the dishes of the institution in which he works, but also the drinks, and skillfully and unobtrusively offer their types to the client.

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