How To Be A Waiter

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How To Be A Waiter
How To Be A Waiter

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There is an opinion that being a waiter is extremely simple, that this work does not require special knowledge and training. In reality, however, a good waiter must have many skills, some of which can be called professional.

How to be a waiter
How to be a waiter


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The waiter is the face of the establishment. For the popularity of a cafe or restaurant, delicious food and a cozy atmosphere are not enough. The quality of service for many visitors is one of the most important factors when visiting a restaurant. And the immutable rule for a waiter who meets, serves and sees off customers is goodwill and friendliness to all visitors.

Remember to smile. The waiter should be helpful but not intrusive. He must also have professional tact. To get accustomed to this profession, you need to be able to find an approach to different people, to know how to win over a person to yourself.

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You need to know the rules of serving and the sequence of serving dishes. Also, the waiter should be well versed in the proposed menu. There are little secrets to quality service, such as the ability to present dishes beautifully.

Step 3

Many waiters are counting on a tip. But this should not affect the quality of service. And, even if the client is not a waiter's job, there is no way to change goodwill for coldness. If only because the reason for the lack of tips is that the client now has no small money. And next time the same visitor can leave a tip. In Russia there is no unambiguous rule regarding tips. In some establishments, they transparently hint that they expect to receive them. Somewhere it is not even accepted. The tip varies, too. For example, there are elite clubs where renting a table for the evening will cost several thousand rubles. And the size of the tip there, too, can reach an amount with three zeros. It is a mistake to believe that the tip always goes entirely to the waiter to whom it was left. Here, again, different institutions have a different approach. For example, a tip may be split equally between the entire shift, regardless of who received how much from customers.

Step 4

Choosing the profession of a waiter, you need to understand that it is more difficult and more difficult than it is commonly believed. The waiter spends several hours on his feet, regardless of his mood, he should be smiling with customers. However, with the right approach to this work, you can get a decent income and pleasure from communicating with people.

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