How To Be A Good Waiter

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How To Be A Good Waiter
How To Be A Good Waiter

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Every year the number of catering establishments increases, the assortment and quality of dishes served in them increases. Their owners do not spare money for the decoration of the premises, ordering an individual design and expensive dishes, but the quality of service leaves much to be desired. Today, a good, competent waiter is literally worth its weight in gold and will be hired in any restaurant.

How to be a good waiter
How to be a good waiter


Step 1

The waiter is an authorized representative of the establishment. It is he, his service, that gives the client the first idea of ​​the work that all the rest of the restaurant employees do. No kitchen, no matter how good it is, will not make a client stay if he does not immediately like how the waiter met him and began to serve him.

Step 2

The first thing customers pay attention to is a neat appearance, neat hairstyle, ironed clean clothes, impeccably clean hands. No one is pleased to see a person who has not learned to observe the rules of hygiene serving food.

Step 3

From your first words, from a greeting, from a smile, communication with a client begins, you must be polite and hospitable, you must know the technical methods of service and be able to apply them in practice. In order to help a client make a choice, you must be not only a psychologist, but also know the basics of commodity science, food products and cooking.

Step 4

Two main points determine the atmosphere at your table: the service procedure and its mood. In order to competently serve a client, study the purpose of cutlery, crockery, table design rules, serving and arranging cutlery, the order of serving dishes. You must know the correspondence between the served dishes and drinks, always be able to subtly advise the client and help him make the right choice, taking into account the peculiarities of national cuisines.

Step 5

You should also know the intricacies of service associated with national traditions, be able to serve guests in the basic traditions of serving dishes: French, Russian, English, American. You need to know the basic rules of service - how to serve and clean food, dispense drinks and change cutlery, hold plates, cutlery, glasses, how to keep the work area in order.

Step 6

The dining atmosphere is largely up to you. Try to anticipate the wishes of the client, listen carefully to the order, tell him in detail about the quality and composition of the dishes, be unobtrusive, but attentive, benevolent. You will also need endurance and emotional stability, good observation and memory. An additional plus for a good waiter is knowledge of one or two foreign languages.

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