How To Clear The Goods

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How To Clear The Goods
How To Clear The Goods

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Many companies use the services of a broker for customs clearance of goods. However, sometimes the cost of a broker's services may exceed the cost of a consignment of goods and you have to deal with customs clearance yourself.

How to clear the goods
How to clear the goods

It is necessary

A package of documents, registration as a subject of foreign economic activity at customs


Step 1

Prepare the following list of documents required for customs clearance of the cargo: contract; the invoice issued by the supplier; rejection letter; bank payments, if, according to the terms of the contract, an advance payment was made for the goods.

Step 2

Register at customs as a participant in foreign economic activity. To do this, the following documents are required (the list is given for individual entrepreneurs): notarized copies of the Certificate of State Registration, Certificate of registration of the subject of law in the bodies of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Administration of the Russian Federation, Information from the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation; copies of documents that prove the identity of the individual entrepreneur, as well as documents confirming registration at the place of residence. A copy of the balance sheet and tax declaration of the subject of foreign economic activity for the last reporting period with a mark of the local authority of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection of the Russian Federation on acceptance; originals of certificates from the bank on the opening of bank accounts of the subject of foreign economic activity.

Step 3

Another important point in customs clearance of goods is the availability of product certification. In particular, we are talking about a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion, which can be issued for the entire contract, if the entire list of goods is specified in the contract. Serial production certificates for the product, as well as the CT-1 country of origin certificate, can be obtained from the manufacturer.

Step 4

Upon arrival of the goods, contact the customs office with a package of documents.

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