How To Quickly Register In An Apartment

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How To Quickly Register In An Apartment
How To Quickly Register In An Apartment

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According to the law of the Russian Federation "On the right to freedom of movement, choice of place of residence and temporary stay", citizens are required to go through the registration procedure with the territorial migration service. You can speed up temporary registration by submitting a preliminary application on the single portal of public services ( and receiving an activation code.

How to quickly register in an apartment
How to quickly register in an apartment

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - application;
  • - application or notarial permission of the owners;
  • - certificate of ownership of the apartment;
  • - address sheet of departure.


Step 1

If you need to quickly obtain a temporary registration, submit an electronic application through the specified site. The migration registration authorities will notify the homeowner within three days that temporary registration has been carried out on his living space. If the owner does not agree with this, he has the right to submit an application in any form to the FMS, the registration will be canceled. Therefore, you should notify the homeowner yourself beforehand.

Step 2

Based on your application, a temporary activation code will be assigned. You can receive a certificate confirming registration in person if you contact the territorial migration service or by mail to the address of temporary registration. Citizens had the right to such registration in November 2010, when the Government of the Russian Federation amended the rules for registration.

Step 3

To quickly get permanent registration, prepare the required package of documents. If you are the owner of a home, you will need to present a passport, a certificate of ownership of an apartment, an application that is filled out on a unified form in the presence of authorized employees of the migration service.

Step 4

Permanent registration is made within 7 calendar days. You can speed up this process if you personally contact the head of the migration service and ask him to help. In this case, you must have a very good reason why you will be registered in an apartment within 1-2 days.

Step 5

Citizens who are not the owners of the apartment will need a personal presence or notarial permission from the owners when registering. If all owners can be present in person, this will significantly speed up the registration procedure, since in order to obtain notarial consent, you will have to visit a notary office, and this will take a lot of time.

Step 6

You can quickly register at the apartment if you have a departure address sheet. If you have not discharged from your previous place of residence, you will not be able to register at a new address quickly, since the FMS will have to make a request to deregister you at your old address, and this can take a lot of time.

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