How To Change Your Date Of Birth

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How To Change Your Date Of Birth
How To Change Your Date Of Birth

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Most likely, many caught themselves thinking that they would like to change their first or last name for one reason or another. The desire to change your date of birth, which means change your age, is less common. Those who thought about this have different motives, but not all of them give the right to change the cherished numbers in the passport.

How to change your date of birth
How to change your date of birth


Step 1

If your desire to change your date of birth is dictated by personal dislike for age or psychological inadequacy, do not expect a positive answer. There are women who want to make their age smaller, and men who want to get more mature years in the passport, and they all invariably get rejected.

Your date of birth is recorded in your passport in accordance with the details of your birth certificate. And since the rights and obligations of a citizen are distributed according to his age, the state will not allow you to change your date of birth without objective reasons.

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According to Article 70 of the Federal Law "On Acts of Civil Status", a change in your date of birth may occur if incomplete or incorrect information is indicated in your passport, if any spelling errors were made, and the entry was not made in accordance with the rules. In this case, if errors are found and confirmed, your data may be changed.

If a mistake was made at the time of registration upon your birth, then first you must change the data in the birth certificate, and then the changes will reach your passport.

Step 3

The legislation also states that when adopting a child, you can change the date of birth by three months. If the adoption is canceled, the original date of birth is restored.

Step 4

If you have legitimate reasons for changing your date of birth, then you should contact the vital statistics office, which is located in your place of residence or in the place where your civil registration certificate is stored, which needs to be corrected. If you are refused, do not be discouraged. In this case, judicial review and subsequent amendments are envisaged.

Step 5

But, before contacting government services, think about it. After all, everything that belongs to us and lives with us all these years - name, surname, date of birth - when changing, can entail a change in personality and even fate. Think about whether you are ready for this, or maybe you should leave everything as it is?

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