How To File A Tax Return

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How To File A Tax Return
How To File A Tax Return

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Company accountants are constantly faced with filing tax returns. But besides them, other citizens also submit annual reports, for whom the submission of the declaration is not a familiar procedure. That is why they have so many questions related to the design of this document.

How to file a tax return
How to file a tax return

It is necessary

  • -passport;
  • - Help 2-NDFL;
  • - declaration form;
  • -a pen;
  • -INN.


Step 1

The simplicity of filling out a tax return is that there is an approved form for entering data into the reporting document. But at the same time, this is its complexity - too much information needs to be specified. The main thing here is not to get confused in paragraphs and sections. To begin with, in a mandatory form, the declaration includes data on the tax identification number (TIN), which is the same for one citizen and is required when all taxes are paid.

Step 2

It is imperative to indicate in the declaration that the taxpayer will not use tax deductions. And this information must be provided within the timeframe established by law.

Step 3

In order to correctly fill out a tax return, the following documents are required: a passport of the taxpayer, a certificate of assignment of a TIN and a certificate in the form 2-NDFL. If we consider additional factors that should be included in the declaration, if they take place, then you need to indicate other papers. For example, a lease agreement if the taxpayer rents out an apartment or utility rooms. Also, if a person won the lottery or other games during the reporting period, then he must confirm his income with documents issued by the organizers. And, of course, pay tax.

Step 4

The declaration is not just one piece of paper. It includes a title page and pages divided into sections. Each of them describes the income received and other conditions that affect the amount of tax paid. Each section should have an appropriate title so that it is immediately clear where to look for what. In the declaration of an ordinary ordinary taxpayer, personal data, data on earnings and the amount of tax are indicated.

Step 5

It is necessary to submit a declaration along with all documents to the tax office either at the location of your organization or at your place of residence.

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