How To Get A Person To Work Well

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How To Get A Person To Work Well
How To Get A Person To Work Well
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In order for an employee to work well, you need to use various motivation systems. They can be tangible and intangible. Which method will bring the greatest results depends on the nature of the employee himself. Sometimes it is enough to look closely at a person to understand his motivation system. But more often than not, you need to use various methods to find the best one.

How to get a person to work well
How to get a person to work well


Step 1

In order for an employee to start working well, first try the material motivation system. Approve bonuses for an overfulfilled plan or improvement in the quality of work. Along with the bonuses, introduce a system of penalties. Find out exactly how much work the employee can do on a daily basis (weekly or monthly). Fine for lower results if there were no obstacles to work.

Step 2

Try to praise and scold the employee. For the first month, regularly point out to him his shortcomings, say that you need to work more efficiently. The next month, on the contrary, only praise. Compare the results of these months. In this way, identify what motivates the employee better. In what follows, say only what brings results.

Step 3

Do an experiment. Give the employee as much new work as possible for one month. Those. something he has never done before. Some people are stimulated by novelty in business. If you work with just such a person, periodically give him non-standard assignments.

Step 4

Try to control the employee less. If at the end of the month it brings results, then the employee is motivated by independent decision-making. Give him as much freedom of action as possible.

Step 5

Some employees, on the contrary, strive only to carry out other people's orders. If you are working with such a person, try to control him as much as possible. Ask him questions, ask for reports regularly.

Step 6

Appoint an employee as a leader, albeit a small team. For some people, power is the most important motivator. For some, career growth plays a big role. Promise the person a promotion and check to see if the amount of work they have done has changed.

Step 7

Try to create a soulful, homely relationship in the team for the employee. Many people start to work better when they are comfortable at work.

Step 8

If none of the methods brought results, then this is an employee with his own motivation. Do not take any additional steps to make it work better. You still won't change the amount of work he has done. And very rarely there are people who do not want to work at all. With them, the motivation system is also not valid.

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