How To Make A Receipt

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How To Make A Receipt
How To Make A Receipt

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Monetary relations are perhaps the most sensitive topic that most people touch. Unfortunately, very often the money lent is not returned to its rightful owner. There are many reasons for this, but it is quite possible to protect yourself as much as possible from unscrupulous debtors and avoid losing money. This can be done if you correctly draw up a receipt for the transfer of money.

How to make a receipt
How to make a receipt


Step 1

In accordance with Article 808 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, a receipt that can be presented in court is drawn up in a free handwritten form. It should be written by the one who borrows money.

Step 2

The date and place of drawing up the receipt must be indicated. If necessary, the court will restore the events in which the document was drawn up.

Step 3

The names, surnames, dates of birth and passport details of the borrower and lender, including their registration addresses, are indicated.

Step 4

The amount of money to be lent is indicated in numbers, and then in brackets - in words.

Step 5

The exact date of the refund must be prescribed.

Step 6

It should clearly follow from the text of the receipt that the borrower received funds from the lender at the time of drawing up the document. The receipt itself indicates the receipt of these funds.

Step 7

If witnesses were present when writing the receipt, then their surnames, names and passport data should also be entered in the text. In court it will be possible to rely on their legal testimony.

Step 8

After drawing up the receipt, check it for errors:

• Check and verify the passport details of all persons mentioned in the document

• Be sure to check that the receipt contains both the date of its writing and the date of the refund

• Do not indicate that the money is for a business or a trade transaction. This is a commercial risk that may not be justified, and the debtor will not return the lost money.

Step 9



March 12, 2011 Moscow

I, Ivanov Sergey Petrovich (passport 22 33 444555, issued on March 4, 2008 by the Department of Internal Affairs of Khimki), registered at Khimki, st. Lenin, 45 sq. 2., with this receipt I confirm that I received directly from the citizen Petrova Marina Leonidovna (passport 33 44 555666, issued on April 04, 2007 by the Department of Internal Affairs of Voronezh), registered at the address of Khimki, st. Lenin, 45 sq. 3, a sum of money in the amount of 160,000 (one hundred sixty thousand) rubles 00 kopecks. I undertake to return 160,000 (one hundred and sixty thousand) rubles 00 kopecks on June 20, 2011. I received the money upon signing the receipt.

(Signed) / Ivanov S.P. /

March 12, 2011

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