How To Write A Performance On Yourself

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How To Write A Performance On Yourself
How To Write A Performance On Yourself

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A submission is a document that reflects desired specific actions for an employee. This can be encouragement, promotion for appointment to a position, certification, etc. As a rule, the presentation is drawn up by the head of the personnel department. The reasons why you yourself had to deal with the execution of such a document may be different: the request of the manager who wants to introduce you to the team when hiring; your initiative for self-nomination, etc. How can it be properly formalized?

Do you doubt it? Introduce yourself
Do you doubt it? Introduce yourself


Step 1

Consider the option when you are applying for a vacated senior position in the company. The position is vacant, but your management is in no hurry to offer you a job. There is no need to wait, introduce yourself, write a presentation and hand it over to the leader.

The presentation is written in a free business style. It consists of two main parts - a heading and a main section.

Step 2


In the upper right corner of the sheet, indicate the addressee (to whom the presentation is addressed). In this case, the head (director) of your enterprise. If you have a trade union committee created and is actually working, below indicate the second addressee - the chairman of the PC.

On the left, the type of document (presentation), date and number are written (the number will be assigned by the secretary of the head during registration). It is perfectly acceptable to submit a document only with a date and without a number. Indicate his name below (for example, on the appointment of a full name to the position …).

Step 3

Main section.

He, in turn, is conditionally divided into parts:

• Credentials. In this part, indicate your full name, date of birth, education.

• Labor activity. If you are applying for another, higher position, indicate only the total length of service in the organization and those periods of work that allow you to apply for the appointment.

• Characteristics of labor activity. Focus on those qualities of yours that will help you cope with more difficult work. Here, without false modesty, you need to list your achievements, indicate what you have achieved at today's job (if possible, in numbers).

• Reasons why you think the appointment is possible.

Step 4

After writing the submission, sign and date. As a result, you will receive a similar document. Perhaps he will help you in moving up the job ladder, achieving your immediate goal.

How to write a performance on yourself
How to write a performance on yourself

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