How To Write Briefly About Yourself

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How To Write Briefly About Yourself
How To Write Briefly About Yourself

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The ability to write short information about yourself is a valuable skill that comes in handy, for example, when writing a resume for a job. How to do it right? To do this, you need to remember a few simple rules.

How to write briefly about yourself
How to write briefly about yourself


Step 1

First you need to indicate your data: last name, first name and patronymic. This information should be immediately apparent, so make it bold. Date of birth and / or full years are required. Such information will allow you to form an opinion about your suitability for the position for which you are applying.

Step 2

The employer may need information on how to contact you if necessary, so fill in the information with your contact details: home and postal addresses, including postal code, e-mail address. Indicate the contact phone numbers, not forgetting to explain which of them is home and which is work. It doesn't hurt to specify the time when it is more convenient for you to call.

Step 3

If you are sending your resume by email, please include the same email address from which you are sending the letter. Otherwise, confusion may arise during correspondence.

Step 4

The resume should contain an indication of the job position for which you intend to apply. In this case, the indication of the position must coincide with the wording indicated by the employer. The wording like “I want to be useful to your company in something” can cause nothing but bewilderment.

Step 5

The company is looking for a specialist for a very specific position, so you should not indicate several vacancies at once that you are targeting. This will lower your chances of success.

Step 6

In the section related to your educational level, indicate in which year and which educational institution you graduated, specialization in diploma. If you have an academic degree or title, also write it in your information about yourself. Information about your continuing education courses, even if they were short, can be valuable.

Step 7

One of the main sections of the resume is related to the description of your professional experience. Indicate places of work with the name of enterprises and organizations, position, length of service in each position. It is important to write about the reasons for leaving a particular position. This characterizes you in the eyes of a potential employer. It is customary to list places of work in the reverse temporal order.

Step 8

In additional information about yourself, you should write about the knowledge of foreign languages ​​with an indication of the level. Experience in working with a computer and office equipment, the ability to use the Internet can also be important in our time. Indicate in the description if you have a driver's license and experience in driving a car, its availability.

Step 9

Provide personal details only if necessary. The basis of the resume should contain data on those personality traits that are important for the performance of future professional duties and characterize your business qualities. Try to be humble when describing yourself.

Step 10

In conclusion, we note that it is impossible to make a short description of yourself for all occasions. What and to what extent to indicate depends on the specific situation and related conditions.

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